Student Handbook: Recording: Audio/Photograph and Video

RecordingRecording: Video/Photograph and Audio

Recording and/or taking photographs of members of the University community and/or any persons on Fordham University property without their knowledge and consent is not permitted. Students with a registered disability that requires recording as an accommodation may record in their classes once the Office of Disability Services notifies the professor. Classmates do not need to be notified nor can the professor deny permission to the disabled student with this approved accommodation. Please see the Office of Disability Services for additional information. In addition, audio recording of private meetings for purposes of record-keeping or later reference (i.e. recording of interviews by reporters for student newspaper or students working on a project) is permitted only if all participants are fully-informed that recording is planned and consent is given by each participant. Audio recording of certain student club/ organization events and meetings may be permitted with the consent of the club/ organization in accordance with its constitution, rules, and guidelines, and with permission from the Office for Student Involvement. Certain events such as performances may be restricted on a case by case basis in accordance with the contractual obligations agreed between the University and the performer.


Videotaping is prohibited in every part of the residence halls. You may request permission in writing in advance from the hall Resident Director for special circumstances. Please see the Office of Residential Life handbook for the campus for more information.

Limited filming may be permitted in the McShane Campus Center's non-food service/dining areas and in Collins Auditorium with the express written permission of the Assistant Dean for Student Involvement (718-817-4339). Limited filming and videography may be permitted in the Leon Lowenstein Building's and 140 W62 Building's non-food service/dining areas with the express written permission of the Director for Student Involvement (212-636-6250). Organized filming and videography by students and/or student organizations is not permitted in an food service or dining areas at Fordham university. Filming, photography, and videography on Fordham University property by any outside entity is permitted only with the express written permission of the Vice President for Facilities.

Knowingly recording any violation of University Regulations, the University Code of Conduct, and/or Residential Life policies is prohibited. Publication, distribution, or posting of recordings of members of the Fordham University community and/or any persons on Fordham University property online or via social media is prohibited unless the intention to do so is made clear prior to recording and only if consent is given by all participants. Notwithstanding the following, the University will consider whether the recording was made in connection with prevention of a crime, violation of law or violation of an express University policy in deciding whether or not to consider the content of the recording or whether to implement conduct proceedings against the individual who made the recording.

This policy also does not apply to cameras used by University staff in conducting investigations into code of conduct violations.

Please refer to the Fordham University Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures for additional and more specific policies and to the Office of Residential Life handbooks for the campus for policies related to the residence halls.

Please refer to the Class Recording Notice and Related Policy for additional information and more specific policies related to class recordings:  Class Recording Notice and Related Policy