Student Handbook: Weapons, Ammunition, and Explosives

The university's employees, students, and volunteers, or any other third party on university property, or at university sponsored events on or off campus, are prohibited from carrying, maintaining or storing weapons, including, but not limited to knives, swords, pellets, BB guns, paintball guns, Airsoft, air rifles, or air pistols, rifles, shotguns, firearms, simulated firearms, ammunition, gun powder, hunting arrows, potentially injurious war souvenirs, explosives, fireworks, firecrackers, highly flammable materials, dangerous chemicals, mace, stun guns, tasers, martial arts weapons and the life, even if the owner has a valid permit. 

Authorized exceptions:

  1. Department of Public Safety Supervisors charged with the protection of life and capable of confronting an armed individual at Fordham. Public Safety Supervisors are former ranking law enforcement professionals who are licensed by New York State as armed security personnel;
  2. Active duty sworn and certified local, state or federal law enforcement officers who are required by their employer to be armed at all times and who carry proper identification. The firearm or weapon must be concealed at all times;
  3. Contractors and others on campus whose duties require possession and use of construction equipment, including but not limited to pneumatic nail guns, may possess and use such equipment only in performance of their job duties through a valid contractual or legal relationship with Fordham University. 

Any individual who is reported or discovered to possess a firearm or weapon in violation of this policy will be required to leave campus immediately. Failure to comply may result in a student/employee disciplinary action, and/or arrest for violation of New York State Penal Law Section 265.01(3)