Persons: The University Code of Conduct shall apply to every member of the Fordham University community which includes faculty, students, administrative officials, and staff who will also comply with city, state, and federal laws affecting the maintenance of public order. Visitors, including invitees and licensees, shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with the maintenance of order on University-owned or leased premises, and the privilege to remain on University premises shall immediately terminate upon any breach. The University also reserves the right to withdraw the privilege of an invitee or licensee on its premises. A trespasser has no privilege at any time to be on University premises but is nevertheless subject to the applicable laws governing the maintenance of public order.

Fordham students are expected to adhere to the University Code of Conduct established by Fordham University on as well as off campus, and when they are participating in in-person, virtual, and/or hybrid coursework. 

When an individual accused of violating the University Code of Conduct maintains more than one of the above-mentioned roles as employee, student, invitee, or licensee, a determination of the individual's status in a particular situation will be made in the context of the surrounding facts.

Note: Resident students and students visiting the residence halls are required to abide by the special rules and policies established by the Office of Residential Life and contained in the Residential Life Handbook as well as the Housing Agreement. Residence on campus is regarded by the University as a revocable privilege rather than a right.