Meet the Career Center Staff

Our highly professional staff are passionate about the world of work and dedicated to learning something new every day.

Our goal is that 100% of Fordham's student body is engaged with the Career Center and being served by our team to meet their goals. To that end, we reach out to every single member of the graduating class, personally calling and emailing them to ensure that they have all the help they need to reach their goals as they complete their Fordham education.

We look forward to working with you as you pursue your Fordham Future.



Annette McLaughlin
Director of the Career Center
Fordham Futures | Career Coaching | Professional Development |

Annette McLaughlin

Employer Relations

Kathlene Mullaney
Associate Director of Employer Relations
Signature Partners | Employer Relations | Career Development





Jenna Pagnotta
Employer Relations Specialist
Career Fairs | Employer Relations | Career Development





Michael Persaud
Employer Relations Specialist
On-Campus Recruiting / GSB & PCS Liaison Finance / Accounting / Consulting and Real Estate Industry Liaison




Beatrice Rice
Employer Relations Specialist
Recruitment Event Coordination | Employer Relations | Career Development

Beatrice Rice, Employer Relations Specialist

Student Engagement

Cheretta Robson
Senior Associate Director, Rose Hill
Assessment | Career Counseling STEM / Liberal Arts | Marketing

Cheretta Robson, Senior Associate Director, Rose Hill

Holly Young
Senior Associate Director, Lincoln Center
Career Counseling | Student Engagement | Special Programs and Events

Holly Young

Emily Lewis 
Assistant Director for Student Engagement, Lincoln Center 
Career Counseling | Student Engagement | Fordham Mentorship Program





Thomas Nolan
Assistant Director for Marketing and Digital Communication- Student Engagement 
Student Engagement | Marketing and Branding| Social Media




Kevin Moncayo  

Interim Graduate School Specialist / Career Counselor
Professional Development | Career Counseling| Graduate Students





Brittany Perez
Operations Coordinator
ER & Student Engagement Support