Upload New Images

General Image Guidelines

Images that will be added to the body of the page (General content type) will need to meet the following guidelines:

  • 500px width minimum (1000px x 1000px recommended)
  • JPG / WebP format
  • 500 KB file size (1 MB maximum)

Resizing and optimization can be done with either Photoshop or Pixlr.

View Image Variants and Aspect Ratio for more information on editing images by content type.

View Insert Images and Using Images on the Website Training site for detailed information.

Uploading the Image

Images can be added to the current media folder from the media gallery popup. Please be as descriptive as possible when adding an image description / alt text, for SEO purposes and better search results. When adding new images please try to adhere to the guidelines mentioned above
(width 1000px recommended and 1 MB maximum file size).

While editing a section in General Content:

  • Click on the "Insert file link or image" icon or click on Insert > Insert file link or image
  • On the left-hand side, navigate to the section or designated folder:
    Click "Categorised > Home > 'Commonly Used Images' or 'Departments, Centers, and Offices' or 'Schools'" etc.
  • Click on the green "Add Media" button in the upper right
  • Click on the Media File field to be prompted to upload your image

  • Fill the Name field
  • Fill the Description/Alt Text field (mandatory for ADA compliance)
  • Provide keywords in the Metadata section to make your image easier to find in the image library.
  • Click the blue Save Changes button in the bottom right
  • Find your newly uploaded image, and click on the blue Actions button.
  • Choose "Select with Layout", and choose "image-right/*" or "image-left/*" for the position of the image

Images must have a Description/Alt Text for ADA compliance.

Be sure to add related Keywords when uploading images (i.e. department/school/office/center name and acroynm, campus name, diversity, students, faculty, season, smiling, etc.)