Locate Images in Media Library

The Media Library has various folders and subfolders to house imagaes to be used on the University website.

Folder Structure

All images are housed in subfolders under the 'Categorised' folder

  • To view subfolders, click the plus (+) sign

University Marketing Images

The Marketing and Communications team provides images for all web editors to use in the 'Commonly Used Images' subfolders.

  • Click the plus (+) to view the various image categories such as 'Campus Beauty', 'Classroom and Campus Life', and 'Careers and Professional'.

Area-Specific Images

Each School has their own folder to upload images and PDFs within their area.

Each Department, Center, and Office has their own folder to upload images within their area.

Contact the web team at [email protected] to create a folder for your area if it is not visible in the Media Library.